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Trigger Clips


Trigger Swivel Clip ideal for Dog Leads and Leather craft products.

We have 3 different size Trigger Clips available, please refer to the diagram and dimension table below.
4 different finishes available: Antique Brass, Black, Brass & Nickel.

45mm 52mm 70mm
A 45.0mm 52.0mm 70.0mm
B 17.0mm 17.4mm 22.0mm
C 11.9mm 11.3mm 15.5mm
D 16.0mm 18.0mm 23.0mm
E 9.3mm 10.0mm 14.0mm
F 14.5mm 20.5mm 26.0mm
G 5.5mm 6.3mm 9.5mm
H 12.8mm 13.9mm 20.0mm
I 6.0mm 6.0mm 11.0mm
J 3.7mm 4.3mm 5.0mm

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